Yishun: Ceiling Fell On My Mother After Town Council Told Us ‘All Is Good’!

A woman’s head bleed after ceiling tiles fell on her head. Residents of Blk 272 Yishun Street 22 have been complaining about the loose ceiling but the Town Council did not fix it.

“Nee Soon Town Council got to really do something… all they reply was they’ve checked and all is good. So good to the point my mum walked pass only the ceiling tiles drop on her head, buy 4D also not so zhun.”

The poor auntie is injured because of its negligence. How dare the Town Council say that they have “fixed” the problem when they obviously didn’t? Nee Soon Town Council better give an explanation!

Shame on them, so much for fixing WP when they never even take care of their own backyard!

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