Tikopek In Yio Chu Kang Says To Random Girls “I wanna lick your p*ssy”

According to TikToker n00tison, she encountered a tikopek as she was walking near Yio Chu Kang. He decided to wind down his window to say –

“*kissing sounds* I really like your tights man. I wanna lick your pussy.”

The man dare to do this but no balls to face confrontation. As soon as the tiktoker confronted the man by asking him “what the f**k did you just say”, he wound up his window and wanted to flee but a red light stopped him.

When she approach his car, he wind down his window and said “no I said u are beautiful”.

“He did not apologise. He wanted to run. If not for the traffic light I’m 100% sure he would have sped off. And you bet his pervert ass didn’t think I would confront him.” – n00tison

As soon as the light turned green, the man sped off. However, before he sped off, Notto was able to get pictures of his face, and his car.

n00tison said she didn’t think she would be one of those who men will catcall because “i look pretty big for a female with not exactly the friendliest looking face”, which makes her wonder how many other girls this tikopek did this to. She plans to report this incident to the police.

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