PAP Promised To Protect LGBTs But Got No Balls To Revoke Section 377A

The court of appeal has dismissed 3 challenges to Section 377A of the penal code. It said that it is not enforceable so gay men do not face any “real and credible threat.” But does this mean that it’s ok for the law to stay?

Last year, Shanmugam promised all Singaporeans that they are protected by the law regardless of social/religious beliefs or sexual preferences. He said:

“LGBTQ persons, non-LGBTQ persons, we are all equal. We are not any lesser by reason of our sexual preferences.”

In Nov 2021, Lawrence Wong assured that concerns of the LGBT community are important and must not be dismissed as invalid or exaggerated. He said:

“We will never let any group feel unheard, ignored or excluded. We will never let any group feel boxed in or ostracised.”

Whatever they promised went down the drain when the court ruling was announced today. In the end, they decided NOT to address the issue by simply saying that 377A is not “enforceable”. They don’t bother to improve things for LGBTs who feel discriminated. They don’t do anything to ensure their equality.

They are doing the exact opposite of what they promised! Until the day our elite leaders have the balls to do the right thing, LGBTs in Singapore will continue to feel “ostracised”, “boxed in” and unprotected. What a disappointing, devastating and embarrassing decision!

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