Netizen’s Window Fills With Bird Shit Every 2 Days Because Of Bird Feeders, NParks Doing Nothing

Dear Media Editors,

I am writing in as a resident of Toa Payoh Block 86. I have previously feedback to my town council and NPark quite a few times regarding a bird infestation problem caused by people feeding the birds illegally but it seems that no actions were taken to resolve the problem.

There has been a huge gathering of pigeons, mynahs, and crows in the area between noon till 5 pm daily. This has caused an issue of noise by the mynahs and bird shit stains everywhere on the floor and window ledges. 

I have even CC our MP, Dr Ng Eng Hen in the email but unfortunately, he did not respond.

As this area has just been through a neighborhood renewal program, it has been painted with a fresh coat of paint. However, the infestation of the birds has created such a mess and dirtied the area. 

The only thing which Town Council did was to engage the cleaner to wash the floor just right before CNY which I appreciated. I have left solutions such as:

1) get someone to approach the uncle and give him a warning not to smoke or feed birds if he wishes to loiter in the area

2) putting up signs to inform that it is illegal to feed the birds and subjected to fine

3) hire NPark or pest control to eradicate the birds

However, nothing was done to date. No signboard for fining illegal bird feeders or actions taken by NPark to get rid of the birds.

There are actions that NPark can take such as culling the birds or poisoning them but nothing was done. 

Every 2 to 3 days, I have to wash my window ledge as there are many birdshit on it.

This problem should have been caused by people feeding the birds illegally in the area which attracted more and more birds to gather here daily.

I am also disappointed that my MP did not instruct the town council to look further into the matter as he has been CC in the email that I have sent to Toa Payoh Town Council.

I hope you can write an article about it so that they can wake up their idea and do something before the bird problem becomes worst!

Best regards,
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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