Singaporean Man Wants To Get Covid So He’ll Be Immune Forever

A 32-year-old Singaporean man actually hoped to catch Covid-19.

The advertising manager wanted to get the virus as he thought he will be immune once he recover. He wants to be infected now while the Omicron variant is mild, so that he will not kena Covid in future.

True to his wish, he finally tested Covid positive last week. He caught it as he didn’t isolate from his girlfriend who was a carrier. Even then, he felt that it was a pity as the virus did not reach him earlier.

“With Omicron being much milder than previous variants, it made sense to catch it, isolate and quarantine myself from my family, so I can form another ‘wall’ from this disease.”

That’s not how it works! If you get Covid now, it doesn’t mean that you will not get it again. Some people even get infected with the same variant more than once.

What is he thinking?

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