Lawrence Wong: We Must Welcome Foreign Talents Or Else We’ll Be In Trouble

During a post-Budget 2022 dialogue, finance minister Lawrence Wong explained why Singapore is adjusting our intake of FTs. He assured that we are not rejecting them, but hiring those who we really need.

He told Singaporeans that we must welcome FTs into our country. If we don’t, we’ll be in trouble as our workforce is ageing and we’ll not have enough workers.

“We must always have that attitude and mindset that we keep our borders open and we welcome foreign professionals, foreign workers into Singapore to complement our local workforce.”

“That must be our attitude because the minute or once we start resisting that, I think we will be in trouble because… our workforce is ageing. Our labour force growth is declining and we won’t have enough workers.”

With the PAP in power, why do FTs have to worry about finding jobs here? Lawrence Wong also said:

“In fact, we encourage you, go out and hire an employment pass, bring the best from around the world into Singapore and complement your Singapore team so that we can form the best teams in Singapore to create value together.”

So good! Who should be more worried – FTs or Singaporeans?

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