MOH Desperately Looking For People Even Though MTF Said Our Healthcare Is Stable!

MOH is now looking for extra manpower to support hospitals.

This comes just four days after task force Minister Gan Kim Yong said that the healthcare system is stable. He said:

“Overall, our healthcare system remains stable and has been able to cope with infections.”

Then how come they need to call people to help them just a few days later? MOH is mass sending out SMSes to ask anyone who’s interested to manage Covid-19 patients. Surely this is not called “coping” with infections!

If they want more people to sign up, they jolly well pay them better. Who wants to help if even full-time healthcare workers don’t get paid enough? Stop trying to encourage them by telling Singaporeans to clap our hands or shine torchlights. Give them a pay raise!

Stop trying to make us think that the healthcare system is ok. We all know that it’s not, and it’s because the MOH and task force are idiots!

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