Indian FT Complain About Rental Going Up, Says Singaporeans Are Exploiting Them

An Indian complained in FB group “Indians in Singapore” that he saw a HDB rental listing go up from $2100 to $2900. He complains that “this is going to be a huge burden for anyone”, and tells everyone to “negotiate to the core and be strong in it to lower this massive hike”.

Walao eh! If rental too high for you don’t come lah! Now that borders are reopened and more people are coming in, of course rental will go up compared to when COVID just started!

Some of them still dare to complain that this is “pure exploitation by the privileged”. Others complain that the government don’t control the rental market for them. Then they say Singaporeans are greedy.

Since when did the government give houses to everyone? WTF is this guy even saying

Who do they think they are?! Does the government in India control the rent there? Maybe they should go back to school to learn about what demand and supply is!

Our government better check on those who complain, their education certificates might be faked! How come never learn basic economics?!

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