Tiong Bahru Shui Kueh Aunty Scold Thai Customer For Not Speaking In Chinese

A Thai living in Singapore, AG, shared about his negative experience at Jian Bo Tiong Bahru Shui Kueh. He has some basic knowledge of Chinese, good enough to order food from hawkers. This time, he went to Jian Bo to buy steamed yam cake and chui kueh.

The lady preparing the food asked for his order in Chinese, to which he replied in both English and Chinese, “2 steamed yam cakes, and one more shui kueh, dabao.”

When the lady in spectacles and short hair at the cashier asked if he wanted Chili in Chinese, he said “yes, OK”.

Yet, the bespectacled lady got annoyed and started to talk to the other lady about how “I was talking to him in Chinese but he replied me in English…”

AG’s colleague who overheard their conversation decided to step up and say that AG is Thai. However, the bespectacled lady decided to retort by saying, “If you don’t know Chinese, go and learn! If you stay in Singapore, you should know Chinese.”

This reply is uncalled for and very rude!

“For years, I have been supporting their food and is a regular customer. As much as I enjoy their food, I will not buy from them in the future. All I want is to let her know that you should be kind to all customers no matter the language they speak.” – AG

See his Facebook post here.

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