UnFairPrice Continues To Label Their Products Wrongly!

Despite having been alerted to their products being labelled wrongly, NTUC UnFairPrice still doesn’t check their stores!

Earlier this month, TikTok videos about how their chicken and salmon were mislabeled went viral. FairPrice blamed it on “human error” and they didn’t bother to apologize.

This time, netters continued to pick out mistakes in their labelling. Some of which happened fairly recently!

One netter took a broccoli to the weighing scale. The label said that the broccoli weighed 0.274kg while the machine said 0.146kg. Is the machine wrong or the label wrong?!

Another netter paid for some bananas, only to realize after paying that they paid $22.66 for a bunch of 4 bananas. The label said that the bananas weighed 0.44kg, and it costs $2.40/kg.

Not just labels on the food products. FairPrice also got problem with their math. Enoki mushrooms are normally $1.35 per packet (or $2.70 for 2 packets). They had a sales, at $2.15 for 2 packets, which they advertised by saying “save $0.85”. However, $2.70 – $2.15 is only $0.55. Where did the other $0.30 savings go?

Once or twice is a careless mistake. Yet it keeps happening, and NTUC still blames it on “human error”. Yes maybe it was a human error, but who’s fault is it that nobody checks?! Why is there no system in place to ensure that less of such mistakes be made?

Also these are all recent incidents. How many times has this happened under the radar? How many things have Singaporeans bought without knowing that they were overcharged?! FairPrice must give everyone an answer!

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