Group Of >15 Cyclists Seen At Buangkok Blocking Entire Road, LTA Don’t Care

Spotted along Buangkok today morning (13 Feb) at 8am, a huge group of cyclists were seen taking up an entire lane. Moreover, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were all from the same group. Other than having very similar outfits, they were also intermingling with one another.

According to LTA’s new rules, it is an offence to cycle on roads in groups greater than length of 5 bicycles. The rules took effect on 1 Jan 2022, and it means either five riders in single file, or 10 if cycling two abreast. Those found violating this rule risk a fine of S$150.

These cyclists pose a danger to not just themselves, but also drivers who often have to brake for them. They also do not have road insurance, and when they cause an accident with another car, the car ends up having to pay.

Netters also commented that many of these cyclists often act like gangsters. That’s because LTA’s rules are filled with loopholes! LTA, WHERE IS THE LAW?

COVID rules also does not allow social gatherings of more than 5pax at the current moment. Thanks to the government, these errant cyclists think that they are above all the laws because they never have to face consequences.

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