DBS/POSB Accounts Getting Hacked, Drained Without Clicking On Phishing Links

Despite the recent warnings given by MAS after OCBC clients lost their money to phishing scams, DBS/POSB accounts are still getting robbed.

Several users from both banks have seen unauthorized charges or withdrawals made to their accounts even though they had not clicked on suspicious links and kept their one-time passwords (OTPs) private.

One of the victims of such a scam shared their experience on Facebook.

Why is DBS still allowing such big transactions to go through without needing an OTP? The charges were foreign some more! Is this what happens when we have to many FTs working in the bank?!

Some more this is not an isolated case. The commenters also shared that they were similarly scammed.

What’s worse is their attitude towards the victims. Apparently they asked the clients to google the companies scamming them and settle with the companies themselves.

How can they treat their clients like this?! If you are using DBS/POSB better change to OCBC, at least they gave out money to the victims and apologized. Not like the CECA-led banks who are too arrogant to admit their mistakes!

This is not even the victims’ fault – they didn’t click on any phishing links!

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