Netizen: So Many Karens Openly Racist In Condo WhatsApp Group!

Nowadays condominiums have their own WhatsApp group for the residents. One netter shared that they are in a condo whatsapp group with about 300 people, including someone from the condo management team.

Half the time the group is used to share useful advice/legit complaints about the condo/resident’s safety.

“However, almost every other week I would see the same members of the group complaining about the security guards of the condo over really really small stuff (taking too long smoke break by 5 mins etc, yes someone actually timed how long they took to smoke to the exact minute), while being openly racist about it. They would bring race into the complaint and calling them all kinds of bad names, and when other residents point it out they get defensive and would lash out rudely.”

However, there are residents who will make racist remarks about the security guards, “calling them all kinds of bad names”. They will also say things like “fix ur english first before talking to me” to other members in the group. Some more, when other people called her out for it, she apparently pretended that her children were the ones who replied.

“I dont understand how they feel no shame / fear in being openly racist in a whatsapp group that had their full phone number and most of them put their full name. Most of the members are all boomers generation from majority race chinese and also a lot of boomer foreigners from chin* and indi*. ive screenshotted all their racist messages just in case they deleted it, but i dont know what to do and i feel like even if i fight and voice anything out it would only fall on deaf ears”

What should OP do about it? Find the reddit post here.

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