Jolovan Wham: You Can Delete Stuff From Your Phone Before The Police Takes It!

Jolovan Wham teaches us how to protect ourselves against the police if they come to seize your things. He says that even if the police has the right to confiscate your electronic devices, you can back up your things and delete things before the investigation.

Even if the police is at your door, you can stall or negotiate for time to do this.

“When I did this during my pofma investigation, the officer decided not to see or take the phone cos it would have been of little use to him, cos I don’t think he was actually interested in taking my phone for evidence gathering.”
– Jolovan Wham

He shares that after he asked for time to delete things from his phone, the police end up not taking his phone. He also believes that they take your things “as one of many ways to discourage political activism”.

Good to know!

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