Yishun Hair Salon Extorts Uncle Of $1771 For “Scalp Treatment”

Another case of a hair salon trying to cheat unsuspecting elderlies. This time it is a hair salon in Yishun, Yan Beauty Salon (BLK 717 YISHUN ST 71 #01-321).

61-year-old uncle wanted to get a simple haircut and to dye his hair. Instead he was charged $1,771 for 13 SESSIONS of haircut, scalp treatment and color after the hair dresser forced him to purchase the package.

According to his niece’s Facebook post, the hairdresser “Ms Sally” even told him that he could use his CDC voucher to offset the “package” which he did ($95 CDC Voucher was used) but the hairdresser claimed that she didn’t receive.

Apparently the hairdresser couldn’t clean the stain from the dyeing off the uncle’s scalp, so she recommended him to do a scalp treatment to “remove the color patches”. She did so without telling him the price.

During payment, she shared the price ($180 excluding haircut and dyeing) which shocked the uncle, but then told him he can have some of it refunded if he bought a package.

How can they cheat elderly of their hard-earned money like this? Some more bluff them that they can use CDC voucher?!

The uncle has since made a police report, hopefully the police will punish the hairdresser “Ms Sally” and the salon for such a despicable practice!

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