Netter: The Govt Lacks Common Sense! Personal Grooming Is Essential!

Dear AllSingaporeStuff,

I wanted to go for a long overdued haircut and shave at a mall for CNY, only to be rejected due to the inane VDS*. I an unvaccinated and am proud of it. I have my reasons for doing so. No amount of coercion and oppression will change my stand.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Personal grooming is essential. Why can’t the mall security understand this  simple fact?!? Well, I can’t really blame them for we live in a cold mechanical system where common sense is a rare commodity. 

I can only endure the discomfort with my ever-growing hair for now. I look like a caveman, a true symbol of the current Singapore society that lacks intelligence, empathy and common sense. 

Despite all the economic and material advancements, have we really progressed as a nation, I think not.

A “very hairy person”
<A.S.S. Contributor>

*VDS – Vaccination Differentiated Safe Management Measures

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