Expat: Life In Singapore Is Very Easy But We’re Never A Priority

More foreign talents are leaving Singapore. One FT said that life is “very, very easy here” but “it’s been like this for too long. And it doesn’t feel like anything’s going to change”.

FTs are frustrated that we make it difficult for them to travel. They don’t like it that if they fly back to visit their family members, they will not be prioritised when they come back to Singapore even though they have residences here.

“You leave the country, you’re not a priority to get back in… that’s always at the back of your mind”.

Some foreigners also find that with Covid-19, we have less freedom compared to other countries. They don’t like our strict mask-wearing and social gathering rules. One FT thought that life here is too demanding and that she cannot live like this anymore.

So many FTs are unhappy. Are we stopping them from leaving? Is it a loss for us when they go back? Singaporeans can’t care less if they want to leave. But the useless PAP will definitely do something to beg them to come back!

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