Aunty Say She Bankrupted But Still Constantly Harassed by Debt Collectors

She decided to post on Tiktok to ask for help. In her Tiktok video, she is on a phone call with the debt collectors from “KX Unit”.

According the phone call, she owes at least $20,000 which they wanted her to pay “by 31st of January”, and she “counter-proposed” that she will pay $1500 by April, to which they say is “unacceptable”.

She is currently working as a grab delivery driver, and she is a single mother of 3 children.

In the video, the debt collector pointed out that she has other income, and hence is not officially bankrupted.

When she tell them she will go to her AO, he also said that they could take things the legal way. He say that if she wants to go to her AO they will also provide them with all the documents they have on her to prove all her undeclared income.

They also said that they have given her a lot of chance.

What chance did they give her? Can they have some heart for the fact that she has 3 children to raise?

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