SMLJ?! Government Says Low Income Least Affected By Rising Costs Because They Don’t Drive Cars

Singapore Department of Statistics said that the lowest income are least affected by rising prices in 2021. This is what the Straits Times article said:

“The lowest income group saw the smallest increase in inflation rates as the increase in car and petrol prices had less of an impact on them.” – Straits Times

The survey didn’t even state that they did any street interview. They just decided on this from their ivory towers. If they asked people in the streets, the low income group will definitely express that the inflation is very bad!

The rich people are still buying cars, driving up the COE prices. They have the money to spend because they are not using it on holidays as much. Yet, for the poor, the rising prices could mean one less meal. Who is truly less affected?

Instead of addressing the problem, they say that luxury items have a bigger price increase, so it is “lucky the poor cannot afford luxuries”. This is the state of the government we have, making fun of the poor!

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