AMDK Book Budget Flight And Then Complain She Never Get First Class Service

Flight cancellations are common, especially now that COVID keeps changing everybody’s plans. Countries can suddenly announce that they stop all incoming flights, and VTLs suddenly cancelled. However, for this ex-BBC journalist Irene Caselli, she felt that the airline should have given her a free hotel stay.

The airline she chose was a budget airline, Scoot. According to her tweet, her family could not leave the airport because of COVID restrictions. Basically, if she leaves the airport and re-enters the family will need to take another COVID test and they probably don’t want to do so.

Instead, she chose to stay in the airport for 3 days and complained that Scoot did not make hotel arrangements for them. She then went about to talk about how as a “journalist covering early childhood” she is angry at how they treated her toddler (as in allowing her to let him sleep on the floor).

She forgot to reflect and think that maybe she made the choice herself when she didn’t want to leave the airport because she didn’t want to pay for extra COVID tests. She didn’t even want to pay for her own hotel in the airport. Netters also pointed out that there are many sleeping rooms available at Changi Airport, her toddler didn’t have to sleep on the floor.

She then complained that the airline told her that the hotels at the airport was fully booked, but another passenger managed to book a hotel themselves. Maybe the difference is the other passenger actually paid for their own room? Or maybe the other passenger was more polite and less self-entitled? While you’re here expecting a free room even though you booked a budget airline?

After that, she said she managed to get a hotel room after “making a big fuss here and calling the Italian embassy”.

It’s not Scoot’s fault that pandemic restrictions got implemented at bad timing for her. She could have also tried to find accommodations herself. This AMDK, book budget flight then get angry when the company doesn’t give her first class service.

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