‘Illiterate’ Vivian Balakrishnan May Be Exposed To Covid, Test Negative For Now

The very Illiterate literate Vivian Balakrishnan just received a health risk warning, meaning he may be exposed to a Covid-19 case.

At the moment, his ART test is negative but he will be monitoring himself for 7 days. He will unfortunately not join LHL for their overseas business retreat in Bintan.

“I wish PM Lee Hsien Loon and my colleagues including SMS Sim Ann who will stand in for me a safe and fruitful trip.

In the meantime, I will follow Protocol 3 and do ART tests regularly for the next 7 days. I have been doing regular ART tests before meetings and events for many months, so frequent testing is already part of my routine.”

Don’t worry, Singaporeans can manage without seeing our MPs for years. What is 7 days? Anyway, the literate is so high up in his ivory tower, how to spread to us?

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