It’s Just Raising Kopi Price By 10 Cents! What Do PAP Understand?

The GST hike is not in full force yet but prices are increasing. It may be just 10 cents but it shows a lot about our lopsided parliament.

This is the problem that officials in the ivory tower have: they cannot understand the difficulties of people on the ground. They also fail to understand the worries of businesses who have hardly recovered from Covid-19 setbacks.

The reason to raise the GST remains unjustified when we have trillions in the state coffers, when we earned a pretty decent GDP in the last financial year and especially when the performance of the 4G have been lacklustre and a leader has still not emerged among them!

It appears we have made a huge mistake in returning 83 PAP MPs in the last election and keep repeating the same cycle of screwing ourselves over and again. When do we decide if enough is enough? How can we show them that they should be serving Singaporeans and not themselves?

Jay Lee

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