11 Indian Students Get Scholarship Worth $90K Each To Study Here, While We Have To Pay Higher School Fees

India’s news reported that 11 of their students have been selected from various parts of the country for an all-expenses-paid 2-year scholarship to Singapore. The students are 16-18 year-olds.

The scholarship is by Global Indian International School Singapore (GIIS), and the SGD 90,000 per student is to help cover all expenses including boarding, lodging, uniform, books, pocket money, travel cost, and school fee for two years.

As part of the scholarship programme, the students are promised a “digitally-savvy environment, where techniques and methodologies will prepare them for 21st-century challenges”.

“This novel experience will open a plethora of opportunities for personal growth, learning, and career development for the students.” – Pramod Tripathi, Director of Academic Quality Assurance, Global Indian International School, Singapore

Scholarship for them, higher school fees for us

Didn’t our government continually promise that CECA is to our benefit, saying that we will learn from them? Why are they sending people here to learn “techniques and methodologies” from our “digitally-savvy environment” then?

Some more, what makes them deserve SGD90,000 a year? In contrast, it was recently announced that Singaporeans will have to pay slightly higher polytechnic and ITE Nitec fees for 2022 academic year. We all know who are the government’s favorites.

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