Tray Return Make Food Centres Dirtier, Time For Ministers To Wayang!

Amy Khor and Lily Neo wayang at hawker centre

Thanks to the PAP’s tray return rule, our hawker centres and food courts are becoming even dirtier. They anyhow introduce new rule so they can reduce manpower. Now there are not enough cleaners to clear the trays or clean tables.

The situation was so bad at Jurong Point kopitiam. Shouldn’t the tray return rule make the place cleaner? Looks like it’s a BIG failure!

Last time we still can see Amy Khor and Lily Neo wayang at hawker centres by cleaning tables. Where are they when we need more cleaners? Now is a good chance for them to go wayang and take pictures!

The PAP obviously never bother to think it through. How dare they impose a half-baked rule and expect us to trust that it works? They better do something to make things better!

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