Aunty On MRT Scold Tattooed Passenger For “Ruining Her Body” And For Being A Bad Influence

There is a stigma against tattoos in Singapore, even though it is getting more popular. One netter shared on Reddit about a bad experience she had with an aunty on the MRT who asked her to move to a different cabin because her tattoos are a bad influence on her kid.


So today when i was on MRT otw to campus, there was this chinese lady mid 30s(?not sure) and her kid, he was a small boy sitting next to her on the reserved seat using ipad. He was wearing pri sch uniform i think(?) Well cause there was no seat, i stood leaning at the glass pane area next to the reserved seat.

I was wearing spag top and jeans, so my arm tattoos were visable. On my arm i had a many anime tattoos, the bigger one being a sukuna tattoo (from jujutsu kaisen). Well, long story short the kid saw my tatt through the glass panel and was pointing at my tattoo, telling his mum pretty loudly “Mi its the sukuna from the anime, so cool”

I heard it but cause awkward af plus he wasnt really talking to me, so i pretended like i didnt hear and continued using my phone while the kid was poking on the glass looking at my tattoo and talking to his mum about it.

Well honestly i didnt mind that much, i chose to do tattoos on visible parts of my body so i was prepared to get judged/looks etc. And i guess in sg, people, especially women with many and/or sleeve tattoos are a stigma, much more its fucking anime tattoo sleeve.

What kinda surprised me was that her mum changed seats with the kid, tapped me and kinda whispered to me “can you move elsewhere, i dont want my kid to grow up to ruin his body like your arm so i dont want any bad influence around him”

… I didn’t wanna make a fuss so i said “er ok sorry” and moved to another side. But BRUH, inside i was thinking to myself, how am i a bad influence when the tattoo is on ME… + i dont know them at all. T_T

Cant believe there are people still like this in 2022….. Kinda sad even till now theres a stigma around tattoos, much more especially if you’re a woman. Honestly a real shitty way to the start off 2022. :/

Meh, just wanted to share a bad experience. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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