PAP Flip Prata Again: Last Time They Say Anecdote Can, Now Say Cannot

Once again, PAP flips their prata just to try to bring the opposition down.

Previously, Raeesah Khan admitted that she lied about how she accompanied a victim to the police station. Her anecdote actually came from an anonymous support group. At that time, they said that she shouldn’t have put herself into the narrative to make the story real, and “it would suffice that she just says it was from a group”.

This time, NCMP Leong Mun Wai did exactly this. In parliament, he shared that he had received feedback from residents that “some teachers have already practised” vaccination-differentiated safe management measures in schools. He even shared where the anecdote came from.

“The point I raised that some schools might have started practising VDS (vaccination-differentiated safe management measures) is based on a screenshot from a Telegram chat group SG Concerned Parents sent by a Facebook friend.” – Leong Mun Wai

A source was given, authorities can follow up, but now Indranee Rajah decides to put him down for not finding more evidence to substantiate first.

MPs are elected to represent the residents’ concerns. The resident brought up a genuine concern they had, and the MP brings it up in parliament. Yet he is asked to substantiate. Imagine if this happens for any other concern, who is going to raise any more concerns?

This is what parliamentary privileges are for. It is there for a reason. No wonder PAP MPs are mostly so quiet. Every time a resident share a concern they will keep trying to “substantiate” until resident sian.

No matter how much the PAP disagrees with anti-vaxxers, they should be trying to understand their issue, and not keep trying to defend their own stance. Did the PAP seriously think that the way they do things will make the anti-vaxxers will start getting vaccinated?

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