MPs Can Skip Physical Meet-The-People Sessions But We Must WFO. Fair Or Not?

Why is it that some Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) are still discontinued after a year but yet 50% of Singaporeans must return to office?

The discontinuity in rules really bothers me. Cases are increasing, so the MTF said that restrictions will remain even though Chinese New Year is coming. The Covid-19 infection growth rate is going up to 1.8. Just yesterday, there are more than 800 new cases, out of which 587 are imported! Around half of the number of cases are Omicron infections.

So, it’s not safe to resume anything more than 5 pax meet ups, but we can have things like crowded townhalls and 50% of the workforce going back to office.

And yet, it’s not safe enough to resume ALL physical MPS? Even if they claim that they are resumed, it doesn’t look like they are meeting with residents regularly. If this is considered “work”, why does it look like they’re playing safe when so many of us have to take crowded public transport and go back to office?

These unfair rules are getting on my nerves!

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