SIA Selling Refurbished Business Class Chair For $6000!

Singapore Airlines is selling a refurbished business class chair for you to put at home. The so-called “Towkay chair” cost $6000 and weighs 105kg. It is also very ugly.

The chair was introduced in SIA’s 2006 fleet. The airlines claim it “will be the centre of attention wherever you place it, and definitely a conversation starter.”

The sides of the chair are supposed to be peranakan-inspired and you can mix and match the leather/bone inlays. However, items may come with imperfections due to its history. They are not exchangeable or refundable.

People who buy this can finally tell their friends they get to sit business class everyday. But would you spend $6000 on this? Why not buy air ticket instead? Which kumgong will buy this?

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