More Than Half Of Our COVID Cases Are Imported! MTF WTF?!

Less than a month before Chinese New Year, and our weekly infection rate is growing again. More than half of our COVID cases are also imported.

Current protocols of course mean that there are cases every day that people detect on their ARTs which never appear in national statistics. This means that the actual infection rate could be even worse.

What is our Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) doing? They said that their strategy is not flip-flop, but now Lawrence Wong come to announce that we may have to tighten our restrictions again.

He still dare to say that they “have done everything we (they) can to prepare for the upcoming wave of infections caused by the Omicron variant”. Obviously you never prepare enough, only ownself praise ownself.

Even their decision making is flip flop. These flip prata kings can’t even decide whether they want this to be pandemic or endemic! Mouth say worried but backside still open up anyway, that’s why got so many import cases.

MTF, more like WTF. Please lah, get your shit together!

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