Omicron Wave Is Coming. At This Rate, We Can Say Goodbye To CNY Dine-In!

After just one week of working in office, our covid situation is going to shit again. Last night, we had 842 new covid infections and more than half are Omicron. Are we going to break record once more?

Obviously, the MTF has not learnt their lesson. They never made things better even after so many years of dealing with covid. They still cannot bring down the number of cases!

According to an “expert”, Omicron will be dominant here in 2 months. What’s more, the US already classified travel advisory to Singapore as “unknown”. We are now in the same classification as Afghanistan and North Korea!

At this rate, we can say goodbye to dining in during Chinese New Year.

People are sick and tired of covid and the MTF. How are they repeating the same mistakes even after 2 years? They still dare to tell us to prepare for another wave when they should be the ones doing that! Just how long more do we need to tahan until we can all lead normal lives again?

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