Netizen: My friend keeps getting abused by her sister and wants to kill herself, what can I do?

One netter made a post on Reddit asking for help for their friend who has allegedly been abused by her father and sister all her life. According to the post, both the author and their friend are in secondary school this year.

Although the friend was able to move away from her father, she is responsible for her sister who is one year younger than her. Unfortunately, her sister often also abuses her, and the abuse apparently started since she was in primary school.

“as of now, she has been able to get out and move away from her father, but she still receives daily abuse from her sister, who is one year younger than her. such abuse includes hitting, verbal taunting, inducing fear in her, and all this causes her to have ptsd, depression, schizoaffective disorders, anxiety and more.”

She lives in constant fear because her sister is bigger and taller, and their mother is out of the picture.

The author fears for their friend’s safety, because the friend has a suicide date in mind.

“she has once told me before that she doesn’t want to die, but she doesn’t want to continue living with this painful life of mental disorders and abuse.”

If you have any suggestions for her, can visit the Reddit post. Apparently her friend has already visited the school counsellor, and seen a psychologist and a psychiatrist. She has also been in and out of IMH and hospitals, but all didn’t really help.

“are there ways and laws in Singapore where i can help her report her sister, or simply do something to stop the abuse she receives everyday? there must be such laws in Singapore right? please help”

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