Grab Treats Their Rider Like A Criminal Even After Police Prove That Customer Lied

For Grab, their riders and drivers are always at the bottom of their food chain. Regardless of who is at fault, they would suspend the rider/driver’s account first. This time however, they even went about to interrogate the rider as if he is a criminal.

In a Facebook post, grab delivery rider Roger Phua shared about his horrible experience with Grab this month. He was working on 10 Dec when he noticed that his app got suspended at 3AM. What is worse is that this is past Grab’s hotline hours, and he had to wait till the next day to contact Grab.

When he managed to contact grab the next day, they asked that he made a trip down to Grab Office for an “investigation”.

“I asked for a reason why I should make that trip down but they refused to tell me and insisted that I should arrange an appointment with their investigating officer next week.”

This means that just because they can’t settle the issue over a phone call, the rider would have to lose his earnings until they can “investigate” him.

As food delivery isn’t Roger’s only job, he only managed to find time to meet Grab on 28 Dec afternoon. When he arrived, he was treated with a lot of hostility. They also told Roger that they will record him, but at the same time, asked him to turn off all his running app because they don’t want him to record them. This is already very suspicious.

“My intention for this meetup is to trash out the issue since I already made the time and effort to be there. I obliged unwilling…”

What’s even more stupid is the first question the IO asked Roger, “do you know why you’re here?” Obviously Roger didn’t know why because they didn’t even tell him on the phone. They beat around the bush only to finally share that the customer apparently filed a police report on him for stealing the customer’s Adidas shoes after his delivery.

The worse part is, the IO even admit they got no evidence, and they are only taking action because customer complain. They also refused to reinstate Roger’s account and told him to file a police report against the customer if he is truly innocent, and only if the police confirm his innocence they will remove the suspension.

“Out of anger and anxiety, I headed straight to the police station at Sengkang. On my way, I was wondering why the IO claimed that the customer filed a report against me at AMK police station and not Sengkang where he stays? Anyway I made the report at Sengkang police station claiming that I want to file a report against my customer who claimed that he has reported against me. Sounds funny right?”

At the police station, they checked their cases and even cross checked with AMK police station. However, they couldn’t find any records of the rider being reported for any offense.

So this means the customer lied to Grab, and Grab readily acknowledged it even without checking?!

Till today, Roger’s account has not been reinstated. He has already lost 3 weeks of earnings. Grab, this is ridiculous!

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