Maid Waits For Employers To Sleep Before Inviting Bangladeshi Boyfriend Into Their House Every Night

An employer, Wang, contacted Zaobao to complain about her horrible experience hiring this maid who snuck her boyfriend in to their house every night for two weeks before she got caught.

The Indonesian maid began working for the family in November, and she takes care of Wang’s daughters (2, 4, and 6 years old). According to Wang, the maid previously worked for another family for 2 years, so they hired her thinking that she was experienced.

Unfortunately, after only working for a week, she began opening the door late every night to sneak her Bangladeshi boyfriend in.

At 7am on 8 Dec, Wang and her husband realized that the maid hasn’t woken up. Thinking that maybe she overslept, the husband went to the maid’s room to wake her up.

When the door opened, he was really shocked by the scene in front of him. The maid was asleep, and next to her there was another man wearing only his boxers. The family then decided to call the police.

The police arrived at the scene to investigate and the maid admitted to the police that this is not the first time she has invited this man to the house. The maid also said that she has been letting him in every night for 2 weeks already.

This maid is too daring! We must revoke her work permit and don’t let her reapply!

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