Help, Aljunied Crescent Flooded With Gamblers and Cockroaches!

Dear editor,

This is just 1 of many groups of ardent gamblers who gather frequently at void decks of Aljunied Crescent during weekends for illegal gambling purposes and “Chap Ji Ki” betting. Wan Bao has already reported on these instances and inaction, inertia continues to be the preferred response of the authorities.

In light of the numerous and rising cases of infection and reinfections at the aging estate, may I ask if the government is going to commence any action at all on this, given the troubling rate and data of the Omicron currently infecting our local populace?

At the same time, please also take a look at the cleanliness of the estate which is in decadence and ruins, rodent and cockroach nests are in abundance to the point we’re just waiting for an outbreak of disease to occur among the elderly folks here.

This is not even under opposition ward but things are so bad. Why are they not doing anything about it despite residents complaints? Nobody is doing their job. How can like that!

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