COP Says Raeesah Khan’s Lie Affected The Police Because It Wasted Their Time, Not That It Affected Their Reputation

The Committee of Privileges just had a hearing with Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh on 10 Dec (Friday) about Raeesah Khan’s lie. During the hearing, Edwin Tong kept asking Pritam if the false anecdote would have an “adverse impact on the police”.

Pritam stood his ground and said no, but this Edwin kept interrupting Pritam when Pritam was trying to explain his reasoning because Pritam didn’t give him the answer he was looking for. That is because Pritam gave an answer that made so much sense.

He explained first that Raeesah was obviously not able to substantiate her allegation, and so it held no weight. He also adds that the police is not some “broken-back organisation”.

“The police is not some broken-back organisation… I solemnly and sincerely believe if you speak to any senior police officer worth his salt, he or she will tell you that in the course of investigations there can be a number of situations where certain questions are put to a witness which are uncomfortable for that person.”
– Pritam Singh

When Edwin Tong realized that he couldn’t get Pritam to agree that harm was done to the police, Edwin after that change his views to say that wrong was done to the police because it made them waste time. He said that the police apparently have been “chasing their tails for three months” in order to find the case Raeesah was talking about.

Did this Edwin just lie to the parliament? Were they really chasing their tails for three months? They came back quite quickly to say that they couldn’t find such a case!

The whole hearing Edwin just kept trying to put words in Pritam’s mouth, such a sly move by them! And if time is really wasted, why are they wasting even more time and resources on this lie?

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