Dear Gov, This Is Why I Left Healthcare. It’s One Death Too Many!

A SGH nurse, working in the urology ward, was reported to have committed suicide several days ago. This should never have happened! This is why employees should be able to rest and take breaks when needed! This is why employee welfare is essential!

The hospital I worked at has an insane turnover rate, and insane OT numbers. It operates on the lowest possible manpower to reduce costs, and an increase in manpower is pretty much impossible. We are all burned out.

Things got worse with COVID. Most of the frontliners are unable to take leave due to heavy workload, not enough manpower or simply because the manager refuses to approve (reason for leave not satisfactory enough).

Working OT is a norm, working on weekends is expected. No timeoff, no OT pay. Many staff that take leave still come back because they cannot finish their work.

I know the real reason people are leaving, but even if I were to highlight or bring it up to my manager, it gets swept under the carpet. Nothing is done because “this is Healthcare, if manpower is needed you come back from your leave”.

No one wanted to stick their necks out, no one wanted to be questioned. So everything was swept under the rug, and there was nothing I could do. There was no chance for help, there was no channel for feedback. As each day passed, the more I heard, the more it weighed on my conscience.

What should frontliners do? Is the government even doing anything – not just giving out money – to make their lives easier?

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