South Asia Try To Point Finger At Us For Omicron Variant?!

Apparently a passenger from Singapore that flew back to India tested positive for COVID. They said that he was going home to Nagercoil after landing at Madurai Airport on Saturday. This means that he is actually an Indian National.

Yet, today, The Hindu published an article highlighting that he is a “Singapore passenger” without talking about his nationality. This is what the article said:

One of the four members of a family from Singapore that reached home in Nagercoil after landing at Madurai Airport on Saturday has tested positive for COVID.

He has been admitted to the Asaripallam Government hospital in Nagercoil after his test report was conveyed by the Health officials in Madurai.

A health official said the man flew down to Madurai via Sri Lanka. The family was allowed to go home after they tested negative in the Rapid COVID test. However, the result of RT-PCR test of the man returned positive on Sunday.

Test result for Omicron is awaited, the official added.

Once again they are trying to point fingers at us, even though the guy is an Indian national AND our delta came from them!

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