The Real Bad Guy Is Not Raeesah Khan or Workers Party – It’s Our 154th Media!

The Raeesah Khan saga unfolded over the past week with revelations of he said, she said. It still does not bring out an accurate picture as the media skewed it to make WP leaders look bad.

As expected, our 154 state media capitalised only certain portions of testimonies and spun it into an ugly web. With all these relentless hounding, the PAP may think it has cornered the WP leaders. But they have conveniently forgotten that Aljunied residents gave a resounding 60% to the WP team and cast out the PAP team.

This is in spite of the AHPETC dramas and the Texas chicken, Bird’s Nest they gave to voters! They obviously had no impact as people are serious about supporting WP.

What makes PAP think they have the upper hand now? Making use of the media like that will only show voters that they are right in standing with the opposition. People in Aljunied, Hougang as well as Sengkang remain solidly behind their WP MPs.

Frankly, people are not genuinely interested in Raeesah. The real bad guy here is the media and they can continue to spin stories as voters care more about their livelihoods than the saga. When this episode blows over, WP will emerge stronger and fight for better lives for all of us. We shall see who has the last laugh!

Reader Contribution by Dan

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