Family finds a live worm in their orange juice?!

A family bought a carton of Florida’s Natural orange juice with pulp from Sheng Siong. When they took a sip, they tasted something which they thought was a pulp, until they saw that it is actually a worm. What’s worse, is that it is still alive.

“My mum took a sip out of this cup and thought it was just the orange pulp, little did she know”
– Tiktok @kendrxxk

They then took the orange juice back to Sheng Siong to get a refund, although it is unsure if they received the refund.

Florida’s Natural saw their video and sent down a representative to understand the situation.

“He explained that the worm was likely introduced in SG because the worm isn’t likely to survive the acidity (ph level 3) and hence it could be a case of employee tampering with the products.”
– Tiktok @kendrxxk

The company then sent the family more samples. At least the company tried to salvage the situation. Well done.

Of course, the tiktoker’s mother was still scarred. She started using a strainer with the new samples to check for foreign matter.

Watch the video here.

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