Singapore’s Heartless Government Punishes Homeless Man For Breaching SHN!?!

Rozman Abdul Rahman, 41, returned to Singapore from Batam in March 2020 after sending his Indonesian wife home. He was supposed to be on stay-home notice (SHN). Unfortunately, he did not have a home to go to.

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers asked him to go back to Batam if he didn’t have a home. So he provided his stepsister’s address to the authorities, but he was not on good terms with her.

Instead of going to her house, he slept in a multi-storey carpark behind Chinatown Point and a walkway near VivoCity before moving to a homeless shelter in April. At that time, he also worked as a security officer for 13 days before he was arrested.

His manager at a security firm said Rozman did not inform the company that he had been placed on SHN and was fired soon after, the court heard.

On 2 Dec 2021, the authorities handed seven weeks’ jail for breaching his SHN.

Why was he not given any concessions? This man was unable to meet his basic needs, being unable to even top up a pre-paid card, and the authorities are faulting him for that?! Not like he purposely go out to breach SHN, he had no choice!

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