Singapore Government Treats Its People Like Children!

The government always likes to treat us like children! They expect us to just diam diam listen to their laws and follow their rules, why are 61% still voting for them?!

“Sitting in the train this morning and I see SMRT staff holding “no talking” signs walking through the train like we’re having fucking silent reading in school. Adding insult to the injury from these stupid restrictions.”
– Reddit netizen u/coolbakerguy97

Just like a parent, when a Singaporean does something they don’t like they punish, even if doesn’t make sense. Like which country will punish their own people for holding smiley face outside parliament?

“We are been treated like children from the very start.. u do wrong I punish u.. go face the wall now.. come give me ur piggy bag coin, I promise I help u keep and buy sweet in future..”
– Reddit netizen u/Jx_XD

We are truly a nanny state! They don’t even bother explaining to us why they make certain decisions. They just assume we won’t understand! And then they put words in our mouth, like when they say we not ready for Chinese PM.

We should not allow this!!!

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