Only 43% of India’s Population Fully Vaccinated, Boosters Not A Priority

By now, everyone would know that we are reopening borders to our very good friend, India. The VTL will start on 29 Nov, with as many as 6 flights to and from India everyday. Non-VTL flights are also available.

If a standard flight can take up to 300 passengers, how many people will we be welcoming everyday?

Based on India’s NDTV news, the country has not even started giving out boosters yet. It has also not vaccinated anyone below 18 years old.

So far, only 43% of the population are fully vaccinated. They claim that two doses of the vaccine is enough as many people already have immunity after recovering from Covid-19. Even if boosters are ready, it will not be compulsory.

Today, India recorded 7579 new cases – its lowest since May last year. But at the rate at which we are opening our legs to foreigners, who’s to say that we won’t experience another wave again? Better enjoy the end of year holidays while we can!

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