South Asian Doctor Eats Cow Dung On Camera To Prove Its “Cleansing Properties”

A video of a doctor eating cow dung on camera has gone viral. The doctor Manoj Mittal is a pediatrician from Karnal in Haryana, India.

In the clip, Mittal can be seen in a cow shelter and talking about ‘Panchgravya’ or the five elements that can be obtained from cows.

He then picked up the cow dung and ate it while informing that his mother always used to take it during fasts.

He also said that dung has the ability to cleanse the mind and soul and, once it enters the system, it purifies the body as well.

The video was first posted by Viral Haryana, you can watch it here.

These are the people we are about to launch a VTL with. Good luck to Singapore.

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