Sun Xueling Shocked At HDB Rubbish, Told Residents & Contractors to Stop The Mess

Sun Xueling, MP of Punggol West, was shocked at the amount of rubbish at a new BTO flat called Matilda Sundeck. She posted a video on Facebook to show everyone the mess and expressed disappointment at such inconsiderate behaviour.

She understands that many residents just moved in and there is a lot of renovation going on, but this is not the way to dispose of renovation rubbish. She urged residents to remind contractors to throw everything away properly since they are paid to do it.

Due to the volume of rubbish, the poor Town Council workers have to work extra hard to clean the area. They doubled the number of trash bins but cannot keep up with the rate at which people are throwing things. Sun Xueling added that the new HDB lobby is already damaged thanks to the mess.

She reminded residents to inform their contractors about it and warned: “If we know which specific contractor is disposing the refuse, the rubbish, in an inconsiderate manner, the Town Council will move in to enforce and fine them.”

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