FDW: My Employer Is Going On Staycation For 5 Days & Never Give Me House Keys Or Stock Food!

Just last weekend, a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) in Singapore shared in Facebook group “FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum)” that her employer is going on a 5-day staycation and asked her to make a decision to either :

  1. Take off-days for those days (no allowance) OR
  2. stay at home throughout

Either way, the employers allegedly do not plan to leave the keys at home, and that if she goes home she would need to call the employer to open the door for her if she takes one off day. Otherwise, she is apparently required to stay outside for 5 days and pay for her own expenses.

According to her Facebook post, if she chose to stay at home for the 5 days, the family didn’t stock enough food for her. Without keys, she is also unable to leave the house to buy food.

She posted in the FB group asking for advice and most other netters suggested that she speak to her employer properly for it could be miscommunication.

It is a unreasonable to not give the house keys to her! What if something happens and she needs to leave the house (e.g. to see doctor, to buy food)?

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