YP Uses Carpark Intercom To Order McSpicy, Chicken Out When Man Threatened To Call Police

A video emerged online showing a young punk speaking into an intercom located at the carpark gantry. He was accompanied by a friend.

He pushed the button and said that he wanted to get 2 McSpicy meals, and a voice from the other side replied: “McSpicy meal?”

CCTV around the area

The man who was speaking to the guy then told him that there were CCTVs around and that he was going to call the police.

The guy then turned to look at the CCTV camera and flashed a peace sign at it sarcastically.

The man then told them to “better run now before I call the police.”

The young guy then continued goading the man speaking to him via the intercom, to which the man then said: “I will call the police ah, better all run ah. (SIC)”

The young man then told him to relax and sarcastically muttered a greeting to him.

Public Nuisance

Under Chapter 268 of the Penal Code, a person is guilty of the offence of public nuisance if he/she performs any act that causes injury, danger or annoyance to the public or to the person who is occupying a property in the vicinity.

Persons found guilty of this offence are liable to a fine of up to $1,000.

See the full video here.

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