Home Movers Freak Out After Dead Man Asked Them To Clear His HDB Flat

A professional moving company in Singapore experienced something strange a while back. A man sent them a Whatsapp request to throw away items in his house. He said that it was urgent and had to be done on the same day.

Moving company: Hi, dispose everything? Empty whole house? Do u have a video or pics so that I can give u a quotation first?
Man: I don’t have a video of pics as I am no longer staying there. But someone will be there to open the door for u.
Moving company: In that case, I will quote u by load after everything is finalised.. are u comfortable with this plan?
Man: Sure. Thank you very much.

The movers did not suspect a thing as last minute requests are quite common. When they arrived at the house, a woman opened the door and was surprised because nobody had called them even though they needed to clear the flat.

Turns out, the owner of the house is her father and he was an old man who just passed away. The house had to be returned to HDB soon so some of the things had to be thrown away. The movers were shocked:

“It took us some time to believe what we heard. And we can’t possibly tell his daughter that her father arranged for us to come. We close it off by telling her some good saints arranged us to do the disposal.

Yes and for sure, of cos we didn’t dare to collect any money as it is too obvious that ‘someone’ is seeking help from us.”

The moving company already deleted the Whatsapp conversations with the old man as they were freaked out.

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