Richard Branson Is Right, Singapore Must Remove Death Penalty And Legalise Drugs

Richard Branson, the famous businessman and founder of Virgin Group, has called Singapore to stop killing Nagaenthran Dharmalingam and abolish the death penalty. Nagaenthran is a Malaysian drug trafficker on death row here.

Richard Branson believes that the world, including Singapore, has failed in the drug war. People continue to do drugs even though they know they face death sentences. This shows that the death penalty is useless in stopping drugs, so why do we still have it?

We must not be seen as a country that encourages criminal punishment or violence. We should seriously consider his advice and remove the death penalty.

Richard Branson also thinks that drugs should be legalised since people won’t stop taking it anyway. Making it a crime will only make them more violent and set up more criminal cartels. The focus should be on treating people who are on drugs, and not stopping them or punishing them for it because these methods never work.

The ideas are hard to accept but he’s right. People are still taking drugs despite knowing the risks. It means that our approach is useless, so it must change. We can learn from what he said and start thinking about removing death penalty, legalising drugs and shifting our focus to drug treatment. Violence is never a solution, so why don’t we try another way? This could be the right direction.

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