PA Gave Me Unhealthy Food Even Though I’m Diabetic, On SHN And Can’t Afford Delivery!

A man on SHN was unhappy that the People’s Association sent him food that he cannot eat. He was put on SHN after getting a MC from the clinic. As he lives alone and is on regular payout, he cannot afford to order food delivery. He had no choice but to request the PA to send him food everyday.

He told them his dietary restrictions, like how he cannot eat pork and other food because he is diabetic.

However, he claimed that PA sent him pork and unhealthy food. He was also frustrated that PA could only help him until 4 Nov even though his SHN ends two days later. He said that he had no choice but to starve for two days.

He is angry that PA did not pay attention to his health concerns. He hopes that he can get some answers and at the same time raise public awareness about their incompetence.

“My diabetes is serious. It has already affected my eyes and took 3 years of injection and laser surgeries to be stable. Under doctor’s orders, I have to follow a strict diet… cos a relapse would be catastrophic at this point in my life!”

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