Netizen: Post-Deepavali Litter Insanely Foolish With No Utter Respect For Law!

Netter Kumarason Rajah shared that when he walked around his neighborhood in Punggol following yesterday’s Deepavali PH, he was astonished by the “nightmare scene”. Litter was everywhere, from the benches to the playground.

“it’s littered insanely follishly with no utter respect for law and order and social convictions. I spoke to a few local citizens as they walk by the disgust littering. they felt helpless. the estate manager looked worried as he instructed the Bangladesh cleaners. everyone felt helpless.”
– Kumarason Rajah

Kumarason also shared that the neighbors “all know who did”, but the MPs and the police were not of any help.

From his pictures, the incident appears to have happened at 161B Punggol Central.

See his post here.

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